So We Got a Puppy…

At the end of our first week of our quarantine, we got a puppy. Evidently we have proven we are not capable of living without some sort of chaos. Since we did not have anything scheduled and we were ordered to stay home, it made sense to get a dog to brighten our spirits.

On March 20th, we welcomed home our new addition and named him “Milo Corona”. Since he is our little pandemic distraction, we had to incorporate CORONA into his name (Plus, it is my favorite beer!). He is a 52lb, male, Lab/Retriever mix. He is 8 months old and about as adorable as they come.

How we got him still baffles me.

My husband and I were working from home. He told me we needed to “talk”. My first thought went right to divorce. He was going to tell me we were done and I was ready to be okay with that. After all, we just made it through a very trying first week of social distancing and we live in a small house. Then he said the words. “I am ready for another dog and I am I going to get one soon”.

I did’t say much because I was FLOORED. I wasn’t floored because I didn’t want a dog, I was floored because he was the one that kept saying NO WAY IN HELL were we getting a 2nd dog. Clearly, being cooped up had clouded his judgement.

His declaration saying he was ready for a dog was timestamped at 10:30 AM. I sent my friend a text saying that my husband has lost his mined at 10:31 AM. Her IMMEDIATE reply contained 3 photos of shelter dogs and an order for us to get our asses to the Humane Society before they close. By noon my husband walked out the door and by 3PM, Milo officially had a forever home. I should note, he did end up selecting one of the dogs my friend sent via text.

Fast forward two weeks…

The Battle over the “Dog Chair”

Milo is a very sweet boy. He is very skittish and shy. I am not sure if he was abused or if it is just because he was not properly socialized. All I know is that we have a lot to do to get him trained as he can be extremely stubborn. He still growls at 2 of my kids but we seem to be making progress with them. He does seem to be comfortable in our home and our other dog does not hate him (she is very antisocial with other dogs). He loves going for walks and running around in our back yard.

Adopting Milo has been a bright spot during this crazy, crazy time.