Pinteresting Night

I kept looking at my calendar in disbelief when there was not one thing on it. I mean NOTHING!!! There was not an appointment, not a meeting, and the most shocking thing…NO SPORTS! This is a rare day in our house. Usually I get kind of twitchy when there is nothing on the calendar because I always feel like I am missing something. Since I had some “free” time, I pulled up Pinterest and decided to do something CRAFTY.

My daughter’s hockey team has a pizza party after their game tomorrow. I decided to make some Halloween treats to share with the team. I have a Holiday board dedicated to cute Halloween crafts and desserts and this was the perfect time to actually make something. I don’t think a bunch of 12 year old hockey players will judge me too harshly if they didn’t look like the inspiration photo.

Knowing I that I am a complete shit show when it comes to crafting and being in the kitchen, I chose something EASY. Three ingredients, that was it. I could handle that. Plus this brilliant Pinterest Poster used pre-made Rice Krispie treats. A person after my own heart!

I went to Costco and bought the 60 count box of Rice Krispie Treats. There was going to be more than enough to make a few mistakes (I know that about myself so I need to plan ahead!) I bought the candy melts, eye balls, and treat bags at Michaels. I am not advertising for these stores at all, I am just stating where I went for supplies. When I tally what I spent on this little project (approximately $30), I would have been better off buying custom cupcakes or a tray of cookies. But if I had been thinking, I could have done this a bit smarter and done it for about $10-$12 bucks. I definitely have lots of left over supplies.

When I get into a Pinterest Mode, things can go to shit pretty quick. I have a tendency to have attention deficit and lose interest quick or cause an explosive mess. Both happened during this project. I started off with the idea of putting the treats on a stick to make for easier dipping. That went down hill fast, no matter how I attached the stick to the treat, it ended up poking through and ruining my creation. The next thing that proved to be a disaster was using fancy sprinkles. I bought what was left on the shelf (which wasn’t much). I tried one of the treats that had sprinkles and just about broke a tooth. Scrapped that idea because I didn’t want to be responsible for dental work. I finally decided to keep it simple with just dipping them 1/2 way and adding eyes. Once I figured out a process, it went pretty quick.

  • Unwrap Treats
  • Melt discs (do one color at a time)
  • Dip and spread evenly
  • Add eyeballs and brows
  • Set in a glass pan upright

In the end, I am happy with the end product. It cost more than it should, took longer it should, and created one hell of a mess. I got my crafting itch scratched! Nailed it!