Winter Whining

This is my current situation.

It is 5PM.

I am laying in bed.

Yes, those are my party size Doritos.

No, I am NOT sharing with the dog. They are MINE.

The “Party Size” is fitting as I am having a bit of a pity party because I am in the “I hate my life” stage of winter. Being curled up under my covers is probably the best place for me to not kill anyone. We are under 52 feet of snow and the forecast shows arctic temps. Hey, Mother Nature…it is frickin’ March. Time to lay off the frozen wrath.

I am over being cold. Over wet socks and hat hair. I am sick of my parka and boots. I can’t handle any more shoveling or scraping the ice of my car. Ohhhh the salt residue that is on everything makes me want to scream. My family is also on the annoyance list. My daughter was just about kicked out of the family for practicing her trumpet. Sorry, we just can’t be subjected to that kind of torture when we are stuck inside. Another thing about being stuck inside is making me loathe my house. I currently am trying to pick out paint, figure out a remodel job, or simply find a new house.

I am a hardy Minnesota gal but even hardiest people have their breaking point. This is bullshit. If I didn’t love my family so much we would be moving south!

While I was sitting her typing this very post, we thought we heard gun shots and went running to see what was going on. It was not was not gun shots, it was the sound of carbonated water exploding in our garage. It is too damned cold for canned carbonated beverages and I forgot I placed them out there. Whoops at least it wasn’t a case of Coke. That would be a mess to clean up. It is rather comical but IT IS MARCH and it should not be this cold!!!

To summarize….Winter sucks.


What’s Cooking and the Week Ahead

Sunday night, already? I love my job but I am not ready for the work week to start. I kicked off this weekend in a very exciting way, I watched “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. In fact, I made the family watch it with me and we (me) were very excited to get to work and get my house cleaned and organized. My goal was to be sitting back with a glass of wine admiring all the hard work we did over the weekend. I am a dreamer at times because I should have known better than getting anything done when the calendar had 3 hockey games, 7 hockey practices, a lacrosse game, and 2 off season soccer training events. Needless to say, my house was not “Kondo-ed”

To redeem myself, I planned and organized meals for the week. I took to Pinterest to get some ideas that would be family friendly and Whole 30-ish. I picked a few meals, shopped and prepped for the week. I personally feel like I need an award for accomplishing this task as this is one that I struggle with all the time. Here are the meals I have planned for the week and I will report back how the family reacted:

The one thing that helped me was the grocery pick up. I have had my groceries delivered before and found that it was more work than it was worth and ended up being more expensive. This was slick, I reserved a time, ordered my groceries, and picked them up while my daughter was at soccer. I pulled into the parking lot, called a number, and my groceries were brought to my car. Now if only Costco would offer this service!!!

There is no other way to describe the week ahead but INSANE. I am over-scheduled at work and over scheduled at home. I am also getting ready to travel for work. I have not been good about getting up early to run so my goal for the week is to be up by 5 or 5:30 AM and to get on my treadmill at least 3 times this week. Baby steps.


New Year, Old Resolutions

Since we are in the first third of January I feel like I can still declare my New Year’s Resolutions. I turned 45 last month (forty-freaking-five!!) and starting jotting down my goals for the year. Some of these goals are pretty lofty and are pushing the envelope to midlife crisis mode. If I am going to accomplish these things, some things have got to change and new habits need to be developed. This year, I have a lot of goals but my focus will be on running and weight loss. It may be a new year, but these resolutions are not new and I am determined to make them happen.


One of my main reoccurring things on my list was I to become a runner again. I miss running and I miss doing races. I currently don’t know my running baseline but considering I got winded walking up a flight of steps, I think I will be starting from ground zero. I am not in good shape at the moment and it can only go up from where I am at.

I am the type of person that needs some sort race or event to keep me motivated. I have signed up for a few races in 2019 and I intend on training for them.  I am notorious for saying that but then not putting the time in to properly train. I am setting out to change that pattern! I have determined that in order to sneak in training to my crazy schedule I am going to have to do a couple of things, the first is get up earlier and the second is to actually schedule time on the calendar to get my run in. It is an added benefit that I have friends with similar goals that I can lean on for accountability and to meet up for a quick run.

I have selected a few races that are fun events in the upcoming months.

  • May: ALS Superhero Dash. This is a race where I am going to raise money for this terrible disease. My husband has a motor neuron disease that falls under the ALS umbrella so this event is near and dear to my heart.
  • June: Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth. It is a great race in my hometown.
  • October: Twin Cities Marathon. I am not currently signed up but I really have the itch for 26.2 miles. It may not be in the cards but I definitely want to start working towards this goal.

Weight Loss

What kind of a year kicks off without weight loss not being on the list? I think that losing weight has been on my list every year since I have been 10 years old. I just turned 45 and I have determined that I need to make some changes that will shrink my waistline and the numbers on the scale. I am not looking to have a bikini body but I want to be healthy. I have a target of about 50-65 lbs to lose.

I am embarrassed to say that I have gained all the weight back from last September when I completed the Whole 30 and I have completely failed my Healthy Wage. I need to dust myself off and get back on the wagon. I know there is not a magic way to drop this weight, I just need to plan better.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2019 and making progress on these two goals.


Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

I love New Year’s Day. It is a day of reflection and planning. When I say reflection and planning I mean sitting my my PJs, binge watching something on Netflix while the dishes are piled up and the kids are connected to their respective devices. It is the perfect way to ring in the new year! Did I mention I slept in this morning?

I know I am a broken record, but I cannot believe how fast another year FLEW by! Our 2018 was a great year with the exception of a few sad moments. The highlights of my year include, being promoted at work, trips to Utah, Canada, and Florida, successfully completing the Whole 30, fundraising for the ALS Association, and participating in Grandma’s Half Marathon. We got to go to a few concerts and the kids were kept busy in sports. We added a driver to the family and because of the new driver, we also had to replace a car. Our hearts were broken because lost a few amazing people that were part of our family and played big roles in our lives. Our lives continued to revolve around sports…especially hockey. We added travel lacrosse and soccer to the chaos and we are grateful for the experiences even though they drain our bank account. We have been fortunate to have had many fun memories this past year and our hearts are full.

Even though 2018 has a long list of good points, I fell short of almost all of my personal self improvement goals. I gained back the 20 pounds I lost earlier this year, I never started running, and some of the projects I promised myself I was going to do remain untouched.

Needless to say, I am pretty frustrated with myself. I really don’t have a reason or excuse for not hitting my goals. If I am going to be honest, I didn’t have a plan and put everything on the back-burner. The lack of planning gave me subconscious permission to face plant into an abyss of donuts and pizza (aka my kryptonite) and that is exactly what I did.

I am not going to beat myself up or wallow in self pity. I am dusting myself off and I am working on a plan to get my shit together for 2019.

Yes, I will be making resolutions!

Stay tuned! Now, back to Netflix!


Back to Blogging (…again)

This blog has been dormant for some time but life in our house has been anything but!  There has been so, so much to write about.  Summer has come to an end, hockey try outs have happened, and the fall soccer season has come and gone.  I received a promotion at work and got a new car because my newly licensed driver totaled ours.  My husband and I completed Whole 30 and there is a little less of me.

I wasn’t sure when and how I should jump in to start documenting all of this.  I have struggled about the direction to take this blog and comparing it to my old blog.  I needed a fresh but with this blank canvas yet I have been feeling blocked.  I still feel compelled to write and love the idea of blogging….even if I am the only one that will read it.

I had some time to think about why I want to keep a blog and what purpose it serves.  I realized that want to keep a blog to document my journey though life trying to get (and stay healthy), raising kids, trying to kick ass with my career, and share the trials and tribulations of having a spouse with a condition without a cure.  It is easy to get lost because of the constant state of busyness and this is a good way to pause and reflect. 



Return of the Give-a-Damn

I have not been very good about consistently writing blog posts.  My goal for this blog was to have a place to write about my journey to better health and fitness while juggling life.  I haven’t been consistent because I haven’t been focused on my health, my weight, or my fitness.  At all.

Several months ago, I noticed my bathroom scale was broken.  I pitched it and decided that I was going to be more than a number.  I worked out and ate decent* so the scale was pointless in my mind

*No I didn’t. 

Out of curiosity, I stepped on the scale at my parents house and I was shocked at the number staring back at me. It showed me weighing the heaviest I have ever been as an adult.  Thinking this number had to be wrong, I ordered my own scale.  To my horror, it read the same number as the scale at my parents house. Unfortunately, with this new knowledge, I had to stop blaming my daughter for shrinking my clothes in the dryer and accept my current reality that I have a bit of a weight problem.

The reality is I don’t eat well at all.  I eat a lot of crappy fast food because I don’t pack a lunch, I eat a lot of sugar, I partake in adult beverages more than I should, and I certainly do not work out as much as I think I do.  I am stress eater and I have been feeling the pressure lately.  Taking an honest assessment and a good hard look at myself was tough

I did a bit of research on the web and found that healthy range for my height is 122-164 lbs. according to the CDC. My current BMI is 35 or that is what the online calculator told me (OUCH!).  I have approximately 60-75lbs to lose to be on the higher end of that range.  I see this as a guideline and I would be happy even if I was over that range a bit.   The photo below was at my lowest weight as an adult and above the CDC guideline.  I am going to shoot for that to be my goal.  I felt good at that weight and thought I looked healthy.


  • I want to get into a healthy weight range and not be in the Obese BMI Category
  • I want to feel better and get some nagging health issues under control
  • I want to look better (and wear smaller clothes that don’t come from the plus size section).

This is my long way of saying, my give a damn is back and it starts NOW (Well tomorrow….I always start on a Monday).  Welcome to my journey!


June Goals

I have started 43 different blog posts since my last one in MARCH and have not finished ONE of them!!  I was hoping to have a little consistency with my writing but sometimes life and the real job that pays me tells me my priorities are a bit different.

I miss my blogging days when I used to write my blog titled Chubby Chicks Run Too. I really would like to get back into some consistency.  There is something about writing about your life and posting it for the world to read that keep things honest and provides a little accountability.  Even if no one reads it, my words are still out there!

In order to get back to the space of accountability and honesty, I have listed my June goals below.junegoals


I will go to my boot camp class 14 times.  The class count would be higher for the month but we are out of town several days in June.  This class is more than just a calorie burn, it is my 5:30AM therapy session with a great group of people.  Last month I needed to get into the habit of getting up at before the birds and while that part wasn’t fun, the interactions with this group was worth every minute.  We laugh, we bitch, we smack talk and then we go about our day while the world is still sleeping.  Getting up at this time is still very much a challenge for me because I never feel like I am getting enough sleep and I use it as an excuse not to go.

Half Marathon:

I will complete the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon despite not running a single mile since the last October.  I have this really bad practice of signing up for long races and then never training for them.  I always finish and it is always painful.  The sad part is that I never learn my lesson and do it again with the intent to train but the cycle continues.  I am not proud of my finishing times but I am proud of my mental resolve to get me though.   I am going conquer the course by running the first mile if I can (slowly) then transition to a run/walk interval that has not been determined yet.

Gluten Free:

This should be a no brainer for me since I am allergic to wheat and my doctor told me “Do NOT eat Gluten”.  I don’t have a problem with this plan until someone brings donuts or I am confronted with a juicy burger on a soft real bun or I am really craving a cold beer on a hot day.  They are my kryptonite and I have zero self control despite the painful and sometimes embarrassing consequences.  My plan is to just not eat it.

So there they are, my goals for June out in the in the world and my first blog post in a very long time.