Stop! Hammer Time!

This past weekend I attended “Hammer’s House Party”. It was a 90’s throw back, hip hop show featuring Tone Loc, Kid N Play, Rob Base, and MC Hammer.
It really was about as cheesy as it sounds but it was awesome! It was a show I could not pass up and well worth the $65 just for the people watching alone! To be completely honest, I like hip hop but I am much more of a hairband or classic rock kind of gal. But who doesn’t love a little blast from the past and have some time to relive the glory days?!
Tone Loc pretty much had his back up singers do all the work with him jumping in a few times. The crowd did go ape shit when he sang Wild Thing. Kid n Play came one stage and I was struggling to remember who they were. None of their music stood out to me but they were FUNNY! They said their new sponsors were Icy Hot and Ben Gay! Men that understand me.. Rob Base was pretty awesome and he performed the 2 songs were played non-stop in the late 80’s.. Then there was Hammer… He sucked. However, I did LOVE how he payed tribute to Prince by doing a combination of Pray and one of Princes songs. I am going to go to hell for saying this but I was not a massive prince fan so I don’t know a ton of his music. Anytime people come to town they pay homage to our hometown legend. Being from MN, it seems that you are required that you idolize him…I don’t. I can appreciate his music and do think he was a genius but I am still not a mega fan.
Hammer did 2 encore songs…2 Legit and U Can’t Touch This. He did NOT do the typewritter dance nor did he wear his iconic low crotch pants. He had his son there and he did the dance (lame). I wonder if he is feeling his age like me and wanted to be able to walk in the morning?
The concert was at Treasure Island Casino near Red Wing, MN. They have been having a lot of big names roll through there in recent months.. It is not my favorite venue. It is an hour away from Minneapolis. The outdoor venue is a cluster shit show. Not a good place to take a person with a disability. The indoor venue was okay but you have to walk though the casino to get to the auditorium. I find casinos chaotic and I am not a fan of the smoke ( it is one of the last places on earth you can smoke).. I felt like was a dying a slow death breathing in all the toxic fumes!
Despite the bad venue and cheese factor, my concert girls are made the night. They are about as fun as you can get! I left that night with what felt like a broken rib from laughing! My one friend donned gold metallic “hammer” pants. They were amazing! She is so short that they made her look like an Ooompa Loompa and I wasted no time to point that out to her.
I danced and danced! The music may have brought my youth back to me but my 45 year, out of shape body brought me back to reality pretty damned fast. We danced our hearts out. At one point while pounding my arm in the air and jumping I felt my elbow crack and it let out a huge pop. It felt like my knees where on FIRE, and while I jumped, I pissed my pants. Then at the end of the show, it was about 11Ish I turned to my friend and asked if we could go home because I had an early day. That was the icing on the cake..The minivan, my aching muscles and me headed for home at 11 Pm on a Saturday night. My 18 year old self would have just been getting ready to go out!

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