Beer Pressure

This past weekend, I met up with two of my fellow hockey mom friends and we caught up over a few beers. We hung out for several hours chatting about our children’s transition to high school, the start of the new hockey season, and celebrated a major accomplishment.

My friend just finished her first full marathon! I was eager to hear all of the gory race details because I watched her diligently train through the summer and she ran my favorite race of all time, Twin Cities Marathon. She talked about how fun the course was, how awesome all of the fans were, and how her race fell apart at mile 22 when she started vomiting. She pushed through the pain and barf and finished the race like a boss. With all that she went through, she said with a big smile, “I WILL do another one soon”!

As we had another beer, we talked more about the race and running in general. I am not what happened, but the conversation went from celebration to the three of us deciding to do a 2020 marathon! I think I may have put up a small fight but in the end I caved. I believe I got “beer pressured” into a marathon commitment.

We all had different reasons for wanting to tackle 26.2 miles. My friend that just ran wanted redemption for getting sick and my other friend has a marathon on her life bucket list. For me, I found myself wanting to be in my friend’s shoes. I realized I missed running…a lot. I am currently in a bit of a rut both mentally an physically and need a scary goal to accomplish with the accountability of my friends.

I am committed. I made a promise and now I have to keep it. The next step is to come up with a plan to go from being an overweight, sedentary person to a marathon runner in 13 short months!!! Stay tuned….it is going to be a wild ride.

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