A Return to Weight Watchers

The first order of business I need to tackle in the summer of 2019 is getting the scale to start moving south. I discovered that I am the heaviest I have ever been (even topping pregnancy)! I have a million and one reasons excuses how I got here but the truth is I am lazy. I am FAR from a lazy person, but I am too lazy to plan meals, too lazy to cook, and too lazy to get off my fat ass and move. Add a little Prednisone and my wicked addiction to donuts and you have a weight gain title wave. The natural consequence, is that all of my summer clothes don’t fit and I sweat walking up a flight a stairs.

I am ready to fight the good fight. I joined Weight Watchers because I need a little help getting me on the right path. This is not my first go around with WW and I have had some success in the past. I really like the meetings. I need the accountability especially when I feel like I am back at square one as I am currently. The leader of my group is a very tall man whose personality is taller. He wears a kilt, hugs everyone as they come in, and simply puts a smile on my face.

What I don’t like about WW is their points program. They have a lot of zero point foods that encourage healthy eating by not having to count them. There is a good variety of foods to choose from but I am a freak of nature and I am allergic to many of the items that are on the list. Poultry, fish, fruit, and dairy…just to name a few. When I do count point for things my daily allotment is used up with one meal. For this go around, I am less concerned about staying within my allotment than I am changing my bad habits around meal planning, portion size, sugar consumption, and intentional exercise.

After I joined, the leader pulled me aside and asked me WHY I wanted to shed some weight. I gave him the slow blink and pointed to my mid-section that resembled that a woman about to give birth. DUH! I proceeded to tell him that I was an emotional eater and I wanted to be healthier. Both are true but quite canned answers. I didn’t want to share my real “WHYS” because they are a bit superficial. Of course I want to be healthy and I want more energy but here are my immediate WHYS:

  1. Vanity- I don’t want to look pregnant anymore and I just want to be smaller.
  2. My Clothes- None of my clothes “spark joy” (thanks Marie Kondo) and I hate the size I am wearing these days.
  3. Running-This is something I would like to start doing again but need to drop a few lbs so I don’t blow my knees.
  4. Work Trip-I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I will be speaking at a conference on a panel. I am not going to be this heavy on stage!

I will be sharing my journey on this blog. Be prepared for some whining as I go through sugar withdrawal!

A side note: WW is NOT sponsoring me and it is not my intent to give them free advertising.

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