Welcome to Running on Ice

Welcome to my born again blog…Running on Ice.

I started this blog a few years ago and could never nail down the purpose. I struggled with what I wanted to write about so the content ended up being very sporadic and random. I could not decide if this blog was about being a hockey family or if it was going to document my weight loss journey. Needless to say, I got frustrated and never posted. With some renewed ideas, I decided that I didn’t need to fit into one genre.

This is a blog about ME and my perspective of life. I am a 40 something gal and the ringmaster of this chaos. I am a married with 3 kids (teenagers!!). I have job that I love and I am pushing to excel in my career. I am a C.R.A.Z.Y. sports parent. Our lives revolve around hockey, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, and HOCKEY! I have weight to lose and fitness goal I want to achieve. I am a fierce advocate for finding cures for ALS and Cancer, two horrible diseases that hit close to home. I hate cooking and love my family (I also love cocktails!). Running on Ice is the perfect description of my life. There is never a dull moment and there is always a funny story!

Thank you for stopping by Running on Ice!

One thought on “Welcome to Running on Ice

  1. Love this! Welcome back! My blog is a little aimless too. It’s just about the things that interest me. And while it will never be a money maker or have thousands of followers, I’m ok with that. I enjoy the stories I tell and it has given me wonderful interactions with people both online and in real life. Have fun with it!! ❤️

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