Winter Whining

This is my current situation.

It is 5PM.

I am laying in bed.

Yes, those are my party size Doritos.

No, I am NOT sharing with the dog. They are MINE.

The “Party Size” is fitting as I am having a bit of a pity party because I am in the “I hate my life” stage of winter. Being curled up under my covers is probably the best place for me to not kill anyone. We are under 52 feet of snow and the forecast shows arctic temps. Hey, Mother Nature…it is frickin’ March. Time to lay off the frozen wrath.

I am over being cold. Over wet socks and hat hair. I am sick of my parka and boots. I can’t handle any more shoveling or scraping the ice of my car. Ohhhh the salt residue that is on everything makes me want to scream. My family is also on the annoyance list. My daughter was just about kicked out of the family for practicing her trumpet. Sorry, we just can’t be subjected to that kind of torture when we are stuck inside. Another thing about being stuck inside is making me loathe my house. I currently am trying to pick out paint, figure out a remodel job, or simply find a new house.

I am a hardy Minnesota gal but even hardiest people have their breaking point. This is bullshit. If I didn’t love my family so much we would be moving south!

While I was sitting her typing this very post, we thought we heard gun shots and went running to see what was going on. It was not was not gun shots, it was the sound of carbonated water exploding in our garage. It is too damned cold for canned carbonated beverages and I forgot I placed them out there. Whoops at least it wasn’t a case of Coke. That would be a mess to clean up. It is rather comical but IT IS MARCH and it should not be this cold!!!

To summarize….Winter sucks.

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