Welcome to Running on Ice

Welcome to Running on Ice!  I am Carly and this is my little sliver of the internet.   I will share my thoughts on being chronically over-scheduled with the daily demands of  family, career, and extra-curricular activities.  I am on a quest to get fit, learn to play hockey, and find my long-lost running legs all while trying to tame life’s relentless chaos.

A bit about me,  I am married to my college sweetheart and we reside in Minnesota (State of Hockey!).  We have 3 children; Two teen boys (15 and 13) and one tween girl (10).  Most of my time is spent working as an IT professional and being an unpaid Uber driver to my children.  We are a hockey obsessed family that spends the majority of our time in a cold ice arena.  We play, we watch, and we volunteer.  It is a rare day without this crazy sport in our house!

This blog is my version of a reality show as there is never a dull moment and always a funny story to be told.  This blog will my thoughts and ramblings on trying to stay sane while “having it all”.  The staying sane part is kind of like RUNNING ON ICE.


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