One of my gifts for Christmas was an Instapot.  I was really excited because I have heard really great things about them.  Then I started laughing and wondering what the hell I was going to do with it.

A couple of things about me, I am a terrible cook and an even worse meal planner.  It is safe to say that I am a hot mess in the kitchen.  Working fulltime and juggling sports schedules doesn’t leave me much time to cook much less be excited to do it.

Despite my loathing of all things kitchen related, cooking has become a necessity for our family.  We have special dietary needs that we need to start to address and it is getting quite expensive going out all the time.  Not to mention there is a certain guilt factor that I am experiencing because frozen pizza, cold cereal, and sandwiches should not be a regular dinnertime meal.

I decided that since I am turning over a new leaf in 2018 that I would bless the Instapot on New Year’s Day.  I am Carly and I am learning to love my kitchen.  I feel like if I say it enough, it will happen.

I pulled this contraption out of the box.  It was a lot heavier than I expected.  Along with this kitchen appliance, a flood of pamphlets and warning labels also come out of the box.  I was immediately scared.  I have a tendency to screw up Macaroni and Cheese and frozen pizza not to mention I am not much of a direction reader.  I was convinced that I was going to blow up my kitchen.

I decided that trying hard-boiled eggs would be a safe bet.  If I ruined them, I would only be out a buck or two.  I found some directions online and followed them.  It seemed simple enough:

  •  Add a cup of cold water
  • Insert a dozen eggs
  • Turn on Instapot

I completed followed the steps and then I covered my head waiting for it to explode.



It took about 5 minutes to heat up and then 5 minutes to cook.  I released the steam after cooking the eggs and thought the thing was going to blow.  I let them sit for another 2 minutes only because I was slightly afraid of what I was going to find if I opened the lid.  When I did, I found eggs that appeared to be hard-boiled.  I scooped them out and put them in an ice bath.IMG_4953.jpg

Because I couldn’t wait, I peeled one and cut it in half.  Yep.  They looked like they were hard-boiled.  Still a little skeptical, I made my daughter try one (she’ll eat just about anything) and she loved it and told me they were “perfect”.

Though the picture below isn’t pretty, they were edible.  I am guessing, they were a little too hot when I cut them.

I am still taking it as a success!


Now I just need to work up the courage to try something else.

Baby steps.

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