Welcome to Running on Ice

Welcome to the Running on Ice Blog!  I am Carly and this is my little space on the internet devoted to writing about the real life of a busy sports family.

A bit about me,  I am married to my college sweetheart and we reside in the great State of Hockey, Minnesota.  We have 3 children; Two teen boys (15 and 13) and one tween girl (10).  Most of my time is spent working as an IT professional and running my 3 darling rink rats to hockey (or other various activities).  I am more than just a hockey mom, I am a player as well.  I didn’t grow up playing and I just recently started in my 40’s as a possible start of a mid-life crisis.  Like a lot people, I am chronically over-scheduled juggling the daily demands of  family, work, and extra-curricular activities.

This blog will my thoughts and ramblings on the life of a family that spends way too much time at a rink or on a field and how we stay somewhat sane.  This is my version of a reality show as there is never a dull moment and always a story to be told.